Thursday, March 5, 2015

snow and ice again

I seriously hope they have school tomorrow, because after spending most of last week home and today home I'm not sure what else to do with them to entertain them!

Last week started as a rainy, freezing rainy, sleety was pretty, but it wasn't fun to play in and the roads were nasty!

P thought it was the greatest thing ever to stick her tongue out to catch whatever freezing precipitation was falling, I have at least 4 pictures of her doing it, two of them were accidents as she just started doing it as I was taking pictures and it was too cute to pass up.  As you can see here she doesn't seem to be as effected by the cold as everyone else.

They tried desperately to get a little ice man to stay together in the first round of ice didn't really work, and once the snow came on day 3, we did manage to build a snowman, but the dogs knocked it over before I could snag a picture of it.

A just liked the snow in her hair...thought she was too cool to play much in it.

I haven't really researched why this happened, but there was a big puddle outside that I thought would just freeze into a solid sheet.  Apparently I was wrong.  There grew in it's place strange, yet beautiful, muddy ice crystals, some straight and some curved...a whole tiny forest of them!

 Snow/ice angels were fun, especially since they don't remember ever making them, they do remember making "leaf" angels in November when the oak dropped all it's leaves in the front yard.

And, while B was ok for a few minutes with heavy coat and ski bibs on, P didn't care how she was dressed as long as she was outside playing in it.

Ice driving, even for the kids was nearly impossible, if you went to fast you spun your tires or ran into something, but if you slowed too much or stopped you got stuck.  They also found climbing the fort a difficult task as the climbing wall and the stairs were slick.

 Like I said, the roads were nuts, but we did take a walk through the neighborhood and it was really neat to see all the changes the snow brought about.  A very different perspective indeed.

Now, yesterday was a most entertaining day.  The below photo on the left is from Tuesday, our high was 75 at 5pm that day.  The comparison next to it is from yesterday, a high of 80 at 1pm, by 3 it was only down to 78, but it was down to 56 by the time I got everyone started on homework at 345.

 I pray that today we are well entertained by kinetic sand, board games and crafts, because otherwise there's liable to be a war between B and P today

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