Monday, February 23, 2015

How do you sell?

In the process of cleaning up, I'm cleaning out.  Out, Out, OUT! There is no reason to have STUFF here that we don't wear, can't wear, or in my 5 year old's case won't wear!

So, I've tried listing things on our swap boards and I've learned something (you'd think I'd already know it since I have a business degree).  If  I list large lots of clothing people always want something smaller and cheaper, but if I list things in smaller groups for higher prices per item people are willing to buy all your lots if you'll make them a "deal" on the whole set.

So lets say I list the above for $10

and the one above this for $15

and this one for $6

Then people don't want to pay $31 for them individually, but they are willing to buy them for $25 all together thinking they are getting a "deal" but really when I originally listed them I listed them for $20 so it's not a "deal" at all, though they perceive it to be.  I guess I should just run with this since it's making me more money and getting rid of all the junk too!

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