Wednesday, August 19, 2015


My 4 year old, B, started school this week, and as much as I hate to admit it, I cried once I was home.  It's funny, I don't think I was nearly as upset when the other two started school.  Maybe it's just because I know this is the last one to go.  I have a high schooler and a preschooler.

 I actually think the thing that has me upset is the fact that my first baby is in high school!  A was my preemie, she was 6 weeks early, arriving at 5lbs10oz and 18in long.  She was strong and a fighter and only needed help with her body temperature and jaundice thankfully.  But now she's in 9th grade, 9th grade, people!  She is so smart, so strong, so compassionate, but it still scares me, she's a baby, not yet 14 starting high school.  In 3 "sophomore" classes (Biology I, Geometry, and Spanish I) so she's not confined to the freshman academy like most of the 9th graders, plus since she's on the soccer team she's got athletic P.E. with upper classmen.

P's birthday is today, she's a baby 1st grader like my 9th grader is the baby of her class.  I think I'm going to like her teacher and she doesn't seem to be having as hard of a time adjusting to school as I thought.  Though, to be honest, the homework adjustment is a pill, she hates HAVING to do something, if I could convince her it was her idea somehow it would all be fine.  Reviewing last year's words and number facts is a pain because she doesn't want to, not that she can't or struggles with it.  Anyone have a clue how to make it more fun?

B is my preschooler, the baby, yet very independent.  She never meets a stranger and seems to have no problems with school so far, she didn't want to tell me about the classroom rules yesterday like the note said to review, but I think that was because P was fighting her homework at the same time.

This year has brought about some difficulties in dropping everyone off though.  Poor A still has to ride the bus, maybe next year I can take her since the littles will be at the same school instead of across town from one another.  Right now I have to leave the house at 720 to get P to school for 735, then drive into town to drop B off at 755 for prayer meeting before dismissal to class.  In the afternoon B gets picked up at 240 so I can make it back to P before 305 when she gets out...we haven't figured out how soccer practice in the afternoons for A will work out because they haven't even started conditioning for some reason....oh well...

I suppose that this means that Fridays when M is home from work that will be our "date" time at lunch since we'll have no kids around this year.