Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sometimes we just have those days

Yesterday was a bad day conduct wise at school for P.  I don't know why, and I surely wish I did.

I gave her the magnesium supplement to help her stay in control of her nervous system, her multivitamin, her Calm Child supplement to help her stay calm and focused, yet still we were on orange.

I don't understand,  this is the 3rd day in 6 that we've had conduct marks and two in one day yesterday.  All of them are with a long-term substitute that will be there the remainder of the year and is a brand new teacher having finished her student teaching in the fall.  The staff all raves about her, but how is it that my kid is having discipline issues now when she wasn't before.

Is the behavior issue because the school hasn't had them on the playground in over a month now because of the weather and she's not getting enough sensory input? Is it because there's been a big change all of the sudden? Does she not like the new teacher?  Does the teacher not have control of the class and my child has become the target or is all the class having more conduct issues?  Is it because while we have an IEP we have no help at all other than speech when we really need OT and assistive technologies as well as resource to help reinforce reading?  Our grades have fallen steadily in reading and I'm doing all I know how to do at home to help her with this.  We practice reading decodable books which I spoke of in the last post, we practice sight words with games, flash cards and computer applications, I just don't know how else to help her...she gets very visually overstimulated by lots of words on the page and will shut down and refuse to read, she hates to be put on the spot and asked direct questions, it's very intimidating for her....someone needs to help her and me figure out how to get past this or test in a different way....ugh.

I have an appointment with Mrs. Manning tomorrow to discuss much of this, and I've made a list of questions and concerns in hopes I can stay calm and on posting today is part of getting the emotion out of the way and just bringing the facts to the table.  When Mrs. Manning called today she was already on the defensive and very upset that I had concerns about her substitute I guess we'll see how it goes.

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