Thursday, May 2, 2013

Re-purposed crib!

OK, so summer is approaching and as it does, well, that means more gardening.  We planted a small garden, but it's hard to ever get enough organic matter into it to start our plants well, so--we decided it was time to start our own composting bins.

This is our tiny garden, we have tomatoes, peppers of all sorts, brocolli, chard, lettuce, eggplant and onions...I guess we'll see how it all turns out.  This picture is from about 3 weeks ago, everything is much bigger now.
But, in an effort to not have to buy pre-made fertilizers and organic materials from elsewhere, we used an old drop-side crib to create our own composting bin at the back of our property (behind the fence where the dogs won't mess with it).  So, if we do this right (trial and error at this point) then we should have some good rich compost to till into the soil before we replant for the fall!  I'm totally excited to do this--we started about 3 weeks ago and it already smells so rich and is starting to get darker and has all sorts of worms in it!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Should be doing other things

Some days just crave you being lazy...I mean, I KNOW I should be doing other things (like getting ready for our Spring Break trip and cleaning my kitchen) but I just want to do nothing.  So, I sit here typing while the washer and dryer run and the little girls play with new Minnie Mouse toys from B's birthday party Saturday.

Saturday leads me to the kitchen needing to be cleaned.  Last week I baked a cake, two large cookies to make a double decker cookie cake (with butter cream icing in the middle and a Mickey head on the top), 3 batches of icing, and 7 dozen cookies (2 dozen for A's Pi Day celebration at school Thursday and the rest for B's bday party)
B's cookies in Walt Disney Parks Script font (well, as closely as I could match it)

There are Pi Day cookie pictures somewhere, but I can't seem to find them right now.  I can find the picture of the Pi Day shirt A and hubby made with the Bedazzler though.  It was quite interesting to be baking while they were working decorating a shirt together.
I think they did quite well coming up with a pattern and doing it themselves.

While Sunday I did manage to do 5 loads of laundry, the kitchen still has some work, we ran 3 loads of dishes yesterday and got most of that done, but all my supplies are still bunched on the counter and the mixer needs to be put away as well. 

Also on Sunday, we started our garden.  It's tiny, but is serves our needs for the most part, if everything does pretty well this year we'll like can salsa (a first for us) and pickle onions as well (would be our second try at that--first try was OK, but I need a different recipe)
We added some carrot seeds after I took this picture, we may add a few other things too.

So I'll post some stuff from B's party later, I don't have those pictures here, they are elsewhere on other cameras. She had a blast, she's a big 2 now, and I really should get to work.