Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Learning a new skill (sort of)

Back in Jr. High we took Home Economics (now called Family and Consumer Science).  I used to cross stitch with my mother, particularly if we were going on a long trip or were on vacation or school break of some sort.  We never really did anything with the stuff we made, but it was fun and kept me busy.  In our class I did well in the sewing and stitching section because I had some experience already.  We did learn and have to make a pillow design from french knots while in there too.  But, we didn't ever use those skills afterwards.

Well, I have a child who won't wear anything "rough" or "scratchy" or "itchy."

So I'm reteaching myself with the aid of YouTube how to embroider so that her "jeggings" (knit denim) can be "cute" like her friends' jeans.  I'm practicing on a hand me down skirt that she won't wear (maybe I can convince her younger sister to) and then I'm going to try to embellish her jeggings from last year to make sure I can do what I want before I attempt on new jeans/jeggings.

Nothing fancy, but a start, still a lot to learn and patterns to download and draw, but B (younger sister) liked it and since I'm hoping she'll wear it next year, that's a good thing.