Monday, June 25, 2012

Disney (from mama's point of view)

So, our family vacation was to Disney World in Florida this year.

We had a was Mark and the little girls first time ever going, and I think he was pleasantly surprised at the number of things that he and the girls could ride (he's a chicken and doesn't ride coasters--though he did ride Soarin', Star Tours and Mission Space--green)

Day 1--half-day at Epcot

This was our day of arrival, we drove in from an overnight in Tallahassee, FL about 12:30pm, checked in to the hotel, got our Keys to the World (KTTW) which acted as meal plan credit card, room key and park ticket, our refillable mugs (which I filled with cokes), put our ice chest in the room and headed out to Epcot.

Here are some photos of our room, it was a "Royal Room" at the Port Orleans - Riverside resort, it's decorated to show that princess Tiana and her princess friends stay in this resort and have good times (photos on the walls and fireworks in the head boards) and they leave gifts too!


Now, let me say this: our kids did remarkably well for having been in car seats for a 12 hour drive at this point.  They were ready to be out of the car, but had slept enough in the car that they weren't overly cranky.  This is good, because almost immediately upon arriving we met our first characters (I was afraid Paige would be scared to death)

After we met these guys it was out to the park we went.  We headed on into Spaceship Earth as our first attraction.  Paige, we discovered, didn't like anything that was going slow AND made her turn sideways or backwards to travel along the track...she wasn't horrible, but she would say "I want to go home" a lot.

Then we headed on over to Mission Space to ride, we got a rider swap pass for this.  Rider swap works like this, if you have small children who are too small for the ride, then one group goes in, and either another group or one person stays outside the ride and waits while the others ride.  When the first group comes out, then the person waiting gets to take their rider swap pass and up to 3 people with them into the fast-pass line to by-pass the stand-by line wait and go ride the attraction while the first person/group waits.

After that we headed to the jumping fountains to play around for a bit (it was like 2:30 when we got to the park, so still a little early for dinner).

On our way to supper we stopped and played around.

We saw Marie and Aurora (pics of Aurora are on my photopass CD and not here yet) in France.

And Jasmine and Aladin in Morocco.