Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Homework woes in Kindergarten


That's how I feel about it. I don't like homework in general and I certainly don't like it in Kindergarten, but with changing standards I can see how some is necessary.  And really, if P would stop arguing and just do it, it wouldn't take but 10 minutes.

write the 5 "spelling" (phonics) words one time each per night.  Do part of a math worksheet (generally 3-5 items), do her flashcards and read one or two decoadable readers to me to practice her reading.

These are some of the online decodable readers I've found that have been helpful in finding books other than the decodable "take-home books" they get sent home from school.  Different means she's not already bored with them and it means more practice with different word sets each week/day.

pre-decodable books from thinkcentral
decodable books from thinkcentral
starfall downloadable learn to read books with Zac the Rat
decodable books written by teachers (power point formats)

I've also put her spelling and sight words into lists at for her to play games like bingo, matching and word search with for constant exposure in a different setting.

Some other suggestions I recieved were starfall (learn to read is free, other subject areas are not), (my kid is not impressed but I know others who love it), khanacademy (for math), essential skills advantage (not sure on this one yet how she'll do)

I'm looking into abcmouse, particularly for this summer to continue learning between school years and brainjogging since it's specifically for "different" learners to help their processing of information.

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