Monday, May 14, 2012

Graco replacement seat

Just an FYI: Graco MyRide 65 car seat straps canNOT be replaced, you must replace the whole seat.  Which really kind of sucks.

I've been on the phone and e-mailing with them for over 30 minutes now, and after sending them pictures of my issue, we might be down to a reasonable solution--we'll see after the next phone call.
The straps are fraying at the spot where the crotch buckle tongues are--this is not anything weird I've done, it's some reaction between their harness and their plastic buckle piece and since you can't remove the straps it's not like I could stick them in the washing machine or anything either...they want me to PAY to ship it to them, then, while I'm waiting for a new seat or reimbursement, I have to PAY to get another seat for either short-term use (if they are going to send a new seat) or long-term use (they'll send me the $149.95 MSRP on it)...ugh, I don't have the money to go buy a new seat just whenever--we saved/budgeted for this seat, did our research and were happy with the seat until the belts started to fray...

The manager I spoke with told me to send photos of the issue and see what she could do to get a seat sent to me without my first having to return mine, and that she'd have a shipping label sent so I don't have to pay shipping--BUT, I really shouldn't be using the seat I have since the belts are frayed.

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