Monday, May 21, 2012

Car Seat Comparison-MyRide65

This is a follow-up to the Graco posts from earlier last week.  I will have to add more pictures as I take them.

This is the original seat (above)--I love the cover, soft and squishy, loved that the belts didn't get all twisty, and that the buckle was the style the pushed down, not in. (pictures to be added)
Graco replaced my seat, out of warranty, with a brand new one (manufactured this year) because the harness in this seat is not replaceable, however it was the harness of the seat (harness at the buckle tongue slide) that was the issue since it was fraying and this is through no fault of my own, but a design issue of theirs, which it appears they have corrected.

This is the new seat...fabrics are the same "pattern" but they are nothing alike, this is NOT soft at all, it has the smaller buckle that you have to push in and the belt guides on the buckle tongue pieces are looser and do allow the straps to twist if you don't pull them perfectly straight; however, this looser aspect may be helpful for us since it was probably how tight the fit on the tongue pieces was that caused the fraying in the first place.  It also has different padding (I'll have to find it all to take pictures), which for us isn't a big deal since Paige and Baily are both too big to use the padding anyway.

Measurements that I get on the two seats (these are not definitive and were purely taken to satisfy my curiosity)

Original MyRide65
seat width at booty (internal): 10in
seat width at shoulder (internal): 10.5in
seating height (internal): 24in
harness slot heights withOUT padding: 9in, 11.5in, 12.5in, 14.5in, 16.5in
external seat width: 21in

New MyRide65 lx
 seat width at booty (internal) 10.25in
seat width at shoulder (internal): 10.25
seating height (internal): 24.5in
harness slot heights withOUT padding:8.5in, 11in, 12.5in, 14.75in, 17in
external seat width: 21in

However, I was told that I could keep my old cover (Paige has some sensory issues that I don't want to fight with her over a carseat about--but she's done fine with the new cover so far) and that it would fit just they are saying they haven't changed anything...we'll see when I try to use the old cover on the new seat.

chest-clip comparisons (top old, bottom new): they appear and feel the same


crotch buckle comparisons: (top old, bottom new) 
They are VERY different. Personally I much prefer the bottom buckle as it pushes down and is much easier to both buckle and unbuckle (however there were some complaints about the ease with which children could unbuckle both the chest clip and the crotch buckle, so I assume that is what prompted the change), the buckle tongue connectors on the buckle are shaped differently and have a more open space around the belt, so I assume that this was either due to complaints about how tight it was on the belt and/or because there were fraying issues other than my seat--though I have never seen this as a complaint on any seat forum I've looked at.

fabric comparisons: (top old, bottom new--click to enlarge if you need/want)
The old fabric was a plush/velour in the seat area with an almost fuzzy/soft polka dot fabric for accent.  However, the new seat is a rough polka dot through the majority of the seat, and the solid parts are a really weird and fairly rough fabric as well...I'm really hoping that the old cover will actually work on the new seat.


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  1. Hi chelle,
    Thank you for you nice comparison between MyRide65 lx & MyRide65 . Both are awesome.My baby currently using Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat .But today I understand that he will fell more comfort with MyRide65 lx .I will take it as soon as possible.

    Thank you