Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Amara's Camera

Ok, so we got Amara (10.5 years old) a camera for Easter.  She has been begging for a better camera, one that zooms, has a few macro-type features, etc, so I got her a little Fuji Z30 that was on clearance for $35 and a cheap card for $6 for it.  She has always loved cameras and taking pictures, so, since we are going to Disney, I figured this was a good time for her to get the camera and start learning how it works...she has a problem with holding still long enough to actually let the camera take the picture.

So, here's some stuff she shot over the weekend (a few I shot because she had her hands full).


New fuzz balls--2 weeks old (can I let you in on a secret: they don't like it when Baily tries to get in the box with them!)

Not really sure where she took these pictures, my guess would be that she took them at the neighbors house after we took our Easter pictures.

Nieces JoJo (blonde hair) and Jaycee (brown hair) waiting for us to finish hiding the Easter eggs.

 Mamaw Betty is all about the kids getting what they want (within reason) they asked to be able to decorate cupcakes again (they had done so at Baily's first birthday party) and of course she happily obliged.

 Baily's new carseat--we'll have a post just about the trip we took the day we got this...lots of good stuff about children learning to behave, carseats in general and family fun on our day trip!

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