Monday, May 4, 2015

Science in the yard!

Spring flowers are blooming, the rose will be next, but in that rose bush is a nest.  A pretty "red bird" or cardinal has made her home in our climbing rose in the front yard. And the babies are hatching!!

Last week a took a bunch of pictures as we walked around talking about flowers and why some had "little pointy out thingies" that were really long and some that weren't so long.  Why some flowers were big and some were small.  Why were some flowers on tall vines and some on weeds in the grass.

We had some thistle seeds blow in (didn't get any pictures of those though) and talked about how flowers meant seeds and that different seeds grew in different places because that's where the wind might blow them, and how other seeds go spread.

Why did the bees and bugs get on the flowers?

Why did the birds build their nests in strange places?

Last week there were just eggs!
today we're hatching babies!

so tiny and ugly right now, maybe mama bird will let me get near the nest again next week to see how big they've gotten

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